ESTA Fundraising Challenge 

Thank you for supporting us, your fundraising efforts will make a real difference. 

The Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) manages the triple zero emergency call-taking and dispatch services in Victoria. We are once again proud to support the Good Friday Appeal. As part of the first response in emergency situations, our staff feel a strong connection to hospitals including the Royal Children’s.

ESTA has supported the appeal for the past five years and staff raised $6000 last year.

You can support the hospital and the fantastic work they do for Victorian families by donating.

Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal

The Good Friday Appeal raises funds for The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

Each year the Good Friday Appeal brings together people from all parts of the community to raise much needed funds for equipment, research and education.

Your support gives children the best chance for a healthy start in life by ensuring the hospital continues to offer world-class care.

2 heroes fundraising today.

Steve has a hair-raising challenge for you!

Steve Coelho is a dispatcher at ESTA; he needs your help to raise funds for the Good Friday Appeal. Steve is growing his hair so he can shave it all off in the name of a good cause.


Steve’s three children were born with an hereditary blood disorder which causes low blood counts and had to be treated at the hospital. He began growing his hair three years ago with the aim of raising money for the appeal to thank staff for the care and support they gave his family.

You can help Steve by donating to support the Good Friday Appeal.

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