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By Shane Harvey

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Isabel Martin

Wednesday 25th Nov
Myself and my family are incredibly indebted to the royal children’s hospital, as the reality is, they saved my daughter Isabels life.
Christmas 2015, isabel was diagnosed with a rare disease called chronic granulomatous disease. (Google cgd) in layman’s terms, it means that her immune system cannot fight off illness which can have fatal consequences. The only cure is to undergo a bone marrow transplant and chemotherapy treatment. Which in itself is scary and as a parent, it was a bloody difficult decision to undertake. Even if it seemed the only option, going through this procedure, had high risks involved.
Overall, it took a two year period to get isabel back to good health. She had to get a bone marrow match on the international list. She spent a large amount of time extremely isolated in the hospital before and after her procedure where only Fiona (mum) could stay with her. As a parent, this was heart breaking to go through, but also inspiring observing her courage and grace throughout the whole period.
Isabel & I share the same birthdate. And for me, my breaking point was on our bdays when she turned 7, her brother Jackson & i, we’re only allowed to see her for half n hour. It was a moment where I new someday , I would like to give back , and do something to help the royal children’s hospital as all the nurses and doctors truly hero’s .
Thank goodness, Isabel is now back to full health and living a full and happy childhood doing the things she loves. I’m really looking forward to doing this special 32km walk with some of my best mates I’ve known for 25-30 years, and raising funds for the Good Friday appeal.

Why I’m doing it

Tuesday 24th Nov
Hi guys, ever since my son Archer spent 2 weeks in the children’s hospital with phnumonia, I’ve always wanted to do something to help the children’s hospital and raise some money for every other parent and child that spends time there! It is a place you never want to attend but are forever grateful to every single person there if you do. I have rounded up some friends, some who have had their child attend there, you will hear more about those children at a later date, and also some who haven’t but definetly wanna support. Our aim is to walk from Yarrambat primary school on Good Friday 2021 to Marvel stadium and hand a big fat cheque to the hospital. It’s roughly 30kms and should take around 7 hours... My aim is to get 5000 people to donate $10, obviously the more the merrier but we are setting the bar high as it would make such a difference to the hospital. If we can make 1 child improve his or her lifestyle it will all be worth it.

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Well done guys, a great cause ❤️


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The RCH is amazing, and so are you guys. Great work!


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Bravo mate,happy to help


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Amazing thing you are doing here mate!


Kylie Champion

Well done mate! Great cause! Knoxie also spent time in hospital due to bronchopneumonia!


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The RCH are amazing!! What a beautiful thing you guys are doing for them. Well done guys Xx


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We are truly fortunate to have the RCH nurses and doctors here so close when faced with such difficult times. What a wonderful way to give back, all the best for your walk.


Yvonne Dodorico

Well done guys , fantastic cause


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Great stuff mate & help too help ya on the day or anything you need


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Forever grateful for all the work the RCH has done over the years, great cause!


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Great work mate.


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All the best Sharvs


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Awesome work mate, very long history in my family with the Royal Children’s hospital, a fantastic thing you guys are doing.


Shane Harvey


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This is a great!!