The Morning Crew's Treadmill For Change

By Gabi James Join Me

Lets make the Morning Crew sweat!

March 4 March is an ACE Radio initiative, where every kilometre walked by staff is a dollar donated to the The Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal by ACE Radio owners, Rowly and Judy Paterson. 

But the Morning Crew with Gabi and Dan are upping the anti for the last day of March... 

For the duration of the show, Dan will be on a treadmill in the studio. Want to see the speed increased? Donate. The incline made steeper? Donate. If you want to see Gabi on the treadmill? Wellllllllll that's going to require a big donation!

Small change makes big change for the lives of kids at the Royal Children's Hospital which treats over 50,000 children in the wards and medical centre and 90,000 in emergency each year. So join and support us from 6 - 9am on Wednesday March 31 for a sweaty, huffy puffy, radio show. 

Love G&D

Thank you to my Supporters


Martha Milford

Good morning...I'm so sorry my donation did not come through on Thursday, so I am doubling it!! Great job well done!!!



Just wanna say congratulations to Dan, thanks for sticking it out for a good cause. You are an inspiration to us all 😀


Dan Robinson

Great effort Dan! You are truly an inspiration for all!!


Tom Rohde

Well done guys!


Cash Donations From Listeners!


Pizza Kitchen Swan Hill


Brian Skeen


Warrnambool Motorcycles

Well done guys. RCH is so important in the south west.


Producer Yas

Proud of you Dan!


Gabi James


Leslie Schuller

Keep going Dan, well done!


Narelle Webb

Well Done! Great Effort! Donating not only for the kids -but incase Dan needs help after the show! 😂



Great work Dan and Gabi, happy to donate, Anita


Dan From Giffard West

Go Dan!! Better than lamb marking.


Nikki Brendel

Donating because you broke the treadmill 🤣


Les & Robyn

Well done Morning Crew


Helen Lieuwen


Angela Morris

Awesome work Dan, I’m sure Gabi could massage some cream into the chaffing area 😊


Brodrib Sawmill

Brodrib sawmill says keep him running


Bradley Leuthwaite

Keep him runnung


Gabi James

A 3 minute break for Dan whenever he wants!



Make him run


Carol Smith

All the best to you all


John Laszl

Better you than me



Good luck.


Sarah Waide

Run dan run! Haha



Good Luck Dan!


Tim & Tarryn Rogerson

Will double to $400 if Gabi joins in for the 3hrs as well