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$427 raised

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Who We Are

The Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) was originally founded in 1892, with its rich history steeped in tradition, guided by an unwavering vision to grow all aspects of the VAFA to enable a competition that our community can continue to be passionate and proud of.

The VAFA has and continues to be the main bastion of Amateur Football in Australia and within our competition all players play for the love of the game.

In alignment with the values of respect, integrity, community and inclusion, the VAFA aspires to provide all stakeholders of the competition with an affordable, enjoyable and competitive game of Australian rules football in a safe environment, whilst making a meaningful contribution to the community and to the development of the game.

The VAFA is partnering with the Good Friday Appeal for the first time to raise funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital; a cause close to the hearts of many within the VAFA community.

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