Team: EMC iCAN Challenge 2014
Event: My Personal Challenge
Event Date: 03 Apr 2014

EMC iCAN Challenge 2014's Fundraising Page

My target: $50,000.00Total raised: $64,481.60 AUD
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Thanks for Supporting such a Great Cause!

24 Nov 13 15:52 PM
Posted by Dean King
iCAN make a difference
The goals of the iCAN challenge:
Engage 100 students in an endeavour to fundraise $50,000 for the Good Friday Appeal in 2014.

Provide a safe, challenging event where students walk from Frankston to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

Build a sense of preparation, persistence, determination and personal commitment.

The EMC iCan Challenge is searching for volunteer walkers to support the students of EMC to complete the 50km Challenge.

In order to participate all volunteers need a current working with children c... Continue Reading →

My Personal Challenge for Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal

Each year the Good Friday Appeal brings together people from all parts of the community to raise much needed funds for equipment, research and education to support the work of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

The strength of the Good Friday Appeal lies with the thousands of people who volunteer their time, expertise and creativity to organise fundraising activities throughout the year. Together they have raised more than $258 million for the benefit of the hospital since the Good Friday Appeal began in 1931.

The Good Friday Appeal is a non denominational, non political organisation that exists solely to raise funds for the benefit of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

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Team Members
Molly Agius $865.00 AUD
Lou Anderson $685.00 AUD
Jodie Ashby $980.00 AUD
Brooke Barrett $660.00 AUD
Taylah Bartolic $10.00 AUD
Maddy Bayne $0.00 AUD
Emma Beckworth $420.00 AUD
Shanaye Bell $0.00 AUD
Madelaine Bennett $365.00 AUD
Laura Beschi $620.00 AUD
Caitlain Bingham $777.00 AUD
Perri Blakeney $925.00 AUD
Warren Bull $236.00 AUD
Georgia Chapman $635.00 AUD
Brooke Collins $0.00 AUD
Nikki Cook $998.00 AUD
Iden Cooper $750.00 AUD
Leonie Cordon $603.20 AUD
Monique Cordon $603.20 AUD
Jordyn Courtier $27.00 AUD
Charlotte Cox $300.00 AUD
Cindy Craven $50.00 AUD
Trevor Dangerfield $0.00 AUD
Lachlan Davies $0.00 AUD
Amy Dean $700.00 AUD
Kira Dickie $0.00 AUD
Lauren Easter $170.00 AUD
Nicola Ellin $595.00 AUD
Kelly Fairbairn $120.00 AUD
Ciro Ferra $1,625.00 AUD
Madeline Finlay $640.00 AUD
Karina Fisk $360.00 AUD
Christopher Floyd $0.00 AUD
Teah Foot $0.00 AUD
Taylah Franklin $790.45 AUD
Maddi Gamble $650.00 AUD
Skye Graham $370.00 AUD
Lachie Gray $15.00 AUD
Briohny Greenough $150.00 AUD
Kaitlyn Groves $379.00 AUD
Ashleigh Hall $50.00 AUD
Jamie Hall $0.00 AUD
Tiahly Hedges $235.00 AUD
Lauren Hester $555.00 AUD
Brooke Hubbard $20.00 AUD
Rebecca Hughes $0.00 AUD
Amy Hunter $412.25 AUD
Claise Janssen $1,375.00 AUD
Chloe Jarman $0.00 AUD
Shelby Jarvis $1,400.00 AUD
Bianca Jarvis $1,350.00 AUD
Leah Kanellopoulos $320.00 AUD
Molly Kealey $550.00 AUD
Caelyn Kilby $397.70 AUD
Dean King $900.00 AUD
Brittany Kirkman $502.00 AUD
Sarah Kuyt $477.30 AUD
Cassidy Larcombe $290.00 AUD
Carlee Lewis $720.00 AUD
James Longley $0.00 AUD
Tayla Lowery $850.00 AUD
Chelcie Mackey $820.00 AUD
Sarah Mackey $705.00 AUD
Seema Maharaj $0.00 AUD
Alyssa Marra $0.00 AUD
Molly Marshall $0.00 AUD
Jasiu Maruszczak $90.00 AUD
Aleks Maruszczak $2.00 AUD
Shannon Mc Conville $20.00 AUD
Jamielee Mcleary $0.00 AUD
Hayley Mills $200.00 AUD
Amy Mogyorossy $670.00 AUD
Emily Mogyorossy $705.00 AUD
Elisabeth Murdoch College $10,410.25 AUD
Carlee Nixon $0.00 AUD
Ebony Oliver $82.00 AUD
Matthew Osborn $20.00 AUD
Amy Osborne $642.00 AUD
Jarrod Pepper $2,305.00 AUD
Keely Perkins $825.00 AUD
Langwarrin Primary School $5,574.90 AUD
Zachary Pryde $1,480.00 AUD
Mia Quirin $0.00 AUD
Emma Ramsay $0.00 AUD
Taylah Rizzo $182.00 AUD
Matthew Rizzo $15.00 AUD
Caitlyn Robinson $0.00 AUD
Elly Rogers $1,300.00 AUD
Megan Ross $80.00 AUD
Georgia Ryan $180.00 AUD
Sean Scallion $20.00 AUD
Olivia Schroeter $52.00 AUD
Sean Scully $1,060.00 AUD
Ryan Sibberas $260.00 AUD
Catherine Simmonds $220.00 AUD
Hannah Simpson $250.00 AUD
Lachlan Skinner $210.00 AUD
Beth Skolnick $70.00 AUD
Laura Spence $945.00 AUD
Bridgette Speranza $210.00 AUD
Phil Stenner $670.00 AUD
Kyra Strickland $0.00 AUD
Jake Tarabaras $60.00 AUD
Katie Thompson $50.00 AUD
Erin Thorne $617.00 AUD
Nadia Tracey $417.00 AUD
Maria Varsamis $615.00 AUD
Dane' Venter $100.00 AUD
Georgia Virgona $690.00 AUD
Holly Walker $140.00 AUD
Jack Whelan $0.00 AUD
Caitlyn Willmott $280.00 AUD
Michelle Wills $1,010.00 AUD
Kiera Wood $500.00 AUD
Shayla Wood $500.00 AUD
Please note: The above totals show the amounts dedicated to individual team members. $1,518.40 AUD has been dedicated directly to the team.
EMC iCAN Challenge 2014’s Supporters:
17 Jun 14 donation $231.00 AUD
Wendy in the U.K. 04 May 14 donation $50.00 AUD Well Done Jarrod
Tanuja Joseph 23 Apr 14 donation $20.00 AUD Well done Zac, You have inspired me to restart my fitness routine
Peter Z & Sue McL 19 Apr 14 donation $100.00 AUD Well done, Zach
Rhonda & Gerard 18 Apr 14 donation $25.00 AUD Well done Erin
Will Etherington 18 Apr 14 donation $30.00 AUD Well done Caitlain!!!
Mary & Barry 18 Apr 14 donation $100.00 AUD Awesome work Dean & EMC students!
Perkins family 18 Apr 14 donation $190.00 AUD Great job Maz very proud!
Anne & Rob 17 Apr 14 donation $30.00 AUD Awesome effort Dean!
nige 17 Apr 14 donation $20.00 AUD Impressive!!! Well done all
Andrea McGregor 17 Apr 14 donation $50.00 AUD Well done Cassidy on your walk. Fantastic effort
Frank Sibberas 16 Apr 14 donation $50.00 AUD Well done Ryan and Holly
Menios Kanellopoulos 16 Apr 14 donation $255.00 AUD
Linda Leck 16 Apr 14 donation $50.00 AUD Way to go Shelby
Linda Leck 16 Apr 14 donation $50.00 AUD Great effort Bianca
Anne R 16 Apr 14 donation $20.00 AUD Amazing work! Fantastic Effort all of you!
Karen hunter 15 Apr 14 donation $56.90 AUD Good job Amy!
Brett and Fiona Wilson 15 Apr 14 donation $50.00 AUD
15 Apr 14 donation $150.00 AUD
Robert Thorne 15 Apr 14 donation $130.00 AUD Great work Ezza
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